Zendaya is BOMB! (ENG)

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I like Zendaya because she is quite beautiful, smart and intelligent. She cares about women’s rights, education and how the famous people influence the world and the idea of what is beautiful. For example, a couple days ago was released Zendaya’s cover for Modeliste magazine. It is obvious that her body was manipulated with photoshop. What Zendaya did was not to keep her mouth shut but to express her disgust on how the media creates an unrealistic idea of how women should look like. The 19 years old actress and singer explains that she believes everyone should be happy with him/herself and the way he/she looks. She also claims that the media makes women self-conscious.

You can see on the right side the real picture.
To add that, this year Zendaya graduated from school and wrote, as she said, “deep massage” about why young people should be educated. The graduate said that for her education is a gift which nobody should take for granted. She admits that it can be hard and sometimes you can feel stressed and discouraged but after all there isn’t anything more beautiful that an intelligent and well-educated person. Moreover, Zendaya states that education gives you limitless chances and ways to achieve your goals and dreams. Touché!

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