Who is he? 

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The world is talking about the black baby who was adopted by white French upper-class couple. The world is talking about the young boy who grew up in a glamorous French house with a very very French family. His grandmother was the kind of woman wearing pearls, diamonds, having the most amazing vintage clothes and accessories. He became obsessed with fashion, with the luxurious things, with the glamour and mostly with the freedom that he found in the art of fashion design. He found his lost identity in fashion. He started showing his art through clothes. The young boy forgot about the boundaries. He felt so strong that he left everything and went to Italy to start working for Cavalli. Not to learn how to be a successful designer but to learn more about the fashion business. At the time he was a self-made fashion designer!He adores women. They inspire him with their strong attitude. He is also in loved with pop culture. You can also refer to him as the king of the parties. The only thing that makes him sad is the absence of the top models in nowadays fashion. He want them back. He will bring them back!

Dreaming of Versailles, he created an empire full of fantasy and he hold the key for it! Now suck your chicks, find your best angle and take a selfie with Oliver! #balmainarmy


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