The Discovery with Hari Tahov

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It is my relentless curiosity and searches that drive me to go to what I refer as “experimental” internships. I have been in many different places, part of many different industries, in the company of many different kinds of people.

The shock from my most recent internship shook me to my core. It is my first time encountering people who actually never chase the meaning, they accept things as they are, and they do not ask unnecessary questions. People who do not dream, who have no ambitions, who are sitting comfortably in their comfortable chairs and they comfortably enjoy their comfortable life, which is so devoid of color, that it is neither white, nor black, nor grey, but completely transparent. To someone like me, this feels like an endless depression and I feel sometimes as if I’m falling down a rabbit hole. Alas, unlike Alice. I did not end up in Wonderland, but instead landed back in the real world.

Thank God I sometimes manage to get a hold of myself and to escape this barren reality. During these times, I often try to think of people whose life is colorful, diverse, people who are different, full of life, who live not just to live, but fully embrace life and try to get as much out of it as they can. I think of people such as Haralambi (Hari) Tahov, who I wrote about a long time ago. Back then Hari studied fashion design in the FIDM College in Los Angeles. However, his circumstances have changed a lot over the past two-three years.

Let me preface all this by saying that Hari did not even graduate from the fashion college. Why? Because he felt he did not need a professor to tell him what the clothes he designs are supposed to look like. In fact, despite Hari’s immense talents, things were not going well for him within the existing system framework. He is always thinking outside the box and he does not need systems to make him successful. Currently Hari has an online store where he sells clothes with his own brand, with the prints of clothes and shoes being made by American cloth factories and accessories made of semi-precious stones, which are purchased by stars and teen idols, such as Fabio Rabello, Shaka and Tanna.

In this paragraph, I will share with you a new and very long paragraph of Hari’s life, which is still being written, or rather directed. Leaving the fashion college, Hari decided to devote himself to an old dream of his – to produce and direct movies. I am saying an old dream, because he always wanted to study film directing, but he did not trust himself, he thought he wasn’t good enough, he thought that he would never make it. That is why he decided to study fashion design, because he is sure he is very good and can’t really do wrong. However, comfort made him depressed and he truly realized that what would make him truly happy is to challenge his fear and insecurity. He is currently doing just that. Currently Hari is a student in The Los Angelis Film School in Hollywood. Of course it is his dream that one day he would become a film producer and would win an Oscar. Why not? One is always free to dream, and if dreams are not outlandish, what’s the point of having those dreams?!

I hope and I am certain that one day Hari will create his own film, and I know for sure that his own life is a film worthy of a Hollywood script. Exactly because he dared to leave his comfort zone, his life turned around sharply and a lot of things happened that he had never even dreamed of. Currently he lives in Hollywood, his flat mate is Celebrity, who is a young American, starring in the film ‘Chasing 3000’, who has his own stars TV show and who is a model. Recently Hari also picked up modelling. Joe Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s father, contacted him and asked him to model for his agency back when Hari still studied fashion. Currently Hari has an agreement with Simpson’s agency, which works with big fashion houses, such as Gucci and Versace, and he already realized a project – he is the face of the ‘Safe the Surf’ campaign, which has the purpose of cleaning plastic debris from the oceans. Sony Pictures Animations contracted Hari as the promotional figure for the film “Hotel Transylvania 3” to advertise it on the Los Angelis gay parade.

Hari makes me believe that the Wonderland truly exists. One just has to dream big, take risks, be brave, and leave one’s comfort zone. But most of all, one always has to believe in himself, and never allow oneself to be crushed by the system. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you tried, that you looked for the meaning, and that you dared to create that meaning on your own. Who are those truly alive people? The mad ones, the ones who dare to dream, who don’t want to be like the others, who are not spending their life sitting on a chair, being happy inside the Matric, the ones who do not leave day to day, but for the life, and what comes after. Because the meaning of life has many paths to follow, it is different for everyone, but in the end the point of destination is always happiness. The meaning of life probably also lies in creating something of value, something to change the world to the better, and to help people. Most of all, however, the meaning is to live your life the way you wanted it, just like Hari, who never gave up on his dreams, he chased his dreams and he disregarded what people said about him. Many people maybe could never understand this. It is not easy to understand, because it is totally out of bounds. It’s not accounting, it’s not finance, it’s not law, and it’s not medicine. Therefore it is nothing. That is why so many people are unhappy, because they could never get outside of the limits, or no one ever helped them do it. As I always thought that no one could achieve anything on their own, I think it is really important to mention that Hari’s father is the designer Yuliyan Tahov, who is famous for his cult interiors developed in more than 40 countries globally, and his wife – Irena Tahova, who I know personally, and for I know how important the happiness of their children is for them, how they always believed in each of their dreams, and have supported them until the end and even after. They never grounded any of their children – on the contrary, they always prop them up, so their children could fly even higher.

Thank you, Hari.

Be like Hari.


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