Feminism or how to discriminate males

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I’m the kind of person who do strongly believe that women and men should have equal rights. I hate the fact that for the same job position there are two different salaries depending on the sex. And I even hate more the fact that some people (usually men) say “you can’t do that, because you are a woman” (at this moment I tend to get superpowers, haha). Also, I can’t understand why most of the superheroes in the cartoons, to say, are males!? I strongly support all the women out there who fight the female discrimination to stay in the past!

However, I do not understand the females who want to have more power than man. If you think about it, maybe you’ll realize that this is also a sort of discrimination. Imagine the other way, where women rule men, then what is this going to lead? Malinism? (It comes from male :D)


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