Cool People Can’t Die: Haralambi Tahov-Hari

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I’ve known Hari for more than 8 years. I can remember him as very strange boy who didn’t have interests in almost any field in school. The only thing he did was singing and drawing. He was drawing in all his books, notebooks, tests, exams, etc. He was so different. Being in the age of 12 years old, we couldn’t understand him but that didn’t bother him. He was so comfortable with that. He didn’t care. All that he was saying was “You will see”. I can remember that he loved me. He loved me because of the way I looked and my sassy attitude. He loved all the model-looking charismatic girls. I remember how all the girls in our school asked him if he likes their new shoes or what he thinks about their look.

I loved him, too. I loved him because of his confidence and the way he didn’t care what the people think about him. I was amazed of the way he believed in himself even at the these young teenage years. He went through an unbelievable transformation. I couldn’t believe how strong he was. He is the kind of person who follow his ambitions and goals no matter what. For me he was and still is all art-inside and outside. I knew he was a sleeping genius and that it was about time to wake up.

He went to a high school in Instanbul, Turkey and then in Virginia, USA. There he became passionate about science. At the time he knew that he want to work with design. And the combination of science and art was born. The genius was awake. And he won’t fall asleep again!

I’m presenting you one of my dearest friends, the fashion designer Hari Tahov.


Here is his story told in first person:

“My Name is Haralambi Y. Tahov. In my life, so far, I’ve met a lot of international people from around the world. Having people and friends from different nationalities made me close to the world as a whole. I studied in Istanbul, Turkey which is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities on the border of Europe and Asia. While being there I had the chance to see fashion, art, and people that I never thought that I could encounter. This strengthened my sense for fashion and communications. I had the opportunity to do as much as I wanted to. Although, my biggest love is my family and fashion. 

   I was born in Bulgaria, a country more beautiful than any other! Not with its man build humiliating monuments, but with the beauty of nature glorifying this piece of heaven. Many people that haven’t traveled wouldn’t understand that, but with time it will change. I love my country and the nature in which it thrives.  


   Fashion comes from embracing the human body, which is nature. I am born to embrace nature, which in my beliefs is God. Therefore, I picked up fashion designing as my career for nowadays job. If I don’t embrace God and the divine laws of nature, then I am going against my will and the one of God.  

In my future collections I plan to incorporate the divine beauty of nature. Nature is the mother of all there is. It is incorporated in the micro and macro world. The worlds can not be seen by everybody, and can not be felt by men if women don’t see and explain it. Dressing up women in the beautiful designs of God, helps people see, feel, and experience this divine nature in the blink of an eye. Therefore I will complete my goal of making people aware. 


The unique aspects of my designs are the colors and calculations that transmute the messages I imply on to my garments. My clothing IS NOT for everyone, but only for the Awakened ones. These are the people that bring light and help humanity complete its divine goal. The goal of peace, love, and understanding of the divine.  

   The difference in my clothing from all other is that they are magical. I’ve studied the art of God in his colors, elements, and sustenance of shapes and codes. Embodying them onto my clothes would lower stress, bring good vibrations, and heighten the human cognitive abilities. It is simply magic made of strings of fabric, colors, and some orgonite metals.


  I hope my clothing inspires people to look more into nature and the promises of God, instead of looking into a set up game by liars to confuse people and set them off from the divine. Everyone is created in the image of nature(God), we are everything there is on this planet. We build the future of tomorrow, and the future is as bright as You make it.  


   I am studying in the moment at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles . I never wanted to go to school as I already know what I’m doing. Although, I need school so I can get directed in this made up world of business. It will bring me new connections, job offers, and directions which will guide me further in life.People don’t need school to do something that they love, but indeed guidance is what we seek.  

One really important thing! You should always know or set your future! Set goals to follow, or a story o be in. Since eight grade I knew I was going to be where I am right now. I set my goals and I followed them! The universe is connected! Whatever you plant now, it will grow after. Plant the seed of knowledge and believe in your goals and they WILL come true!”



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