Call me #trashy! (ENG)

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I’m sitting and wondering why do young girls and some of the women nowadays look and behave in this disgusting way? And I’m just about to say that their moral and self-respect are lowered at the point where you cannot find them, I realize that women and girls look and act in the way that men would mostly like them. And I’m sitting and wondering, why males are attracted by such females? Awfully big boobs, half-naked pictures, faces with tons of makeup and extremely plumped lips which are even kind of scary. I’m even wondering if their back hurts because of the weight of their mouth. And suddenly I see #stayclassy and wonder how to be #trashy?


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  1. AntoNio R
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    I am utterly disappointed and disgusted by those females…I don’t understand why other guys like them, but I would bet it is some kind of a fetish xaxa. It could be very well a vicious cycle of girls doing it to be liked and accepted in the (male) society and guys doing it in order to be seen with a pumped up girlfriend :/. One last thing, the lack of education, strict and correct parenthood are a postulate for the ill-developed society to infiltrate the undeveloped mind!

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