Adore DIORSKIN foundations

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I know that it isn’t Valentines week but I just have to, I need to express my huuugeeeeee love love looooove for the DiorSkin foundations!!! All of them, except the one with the anti ageing effect because well, I don’t need to hide my age, are LOVE!

Let me just saaaay how unbelievably amazing is the Dior Nude Air Serum. I can’t even explain it! It makes your skin soooo soft, so nice. I apply it and then I just touch my face because it makes my skin feel so smooth, it’s like a silk, high priced silk, Dior silk dress! It’s with matte finish, does not need a setting powder (I am with dry skin) and stays throughout the day, makes you feel and look like a baby (gives you that natural look – see the name ;).


Dior Skin Star is like that famous one from the Dior foundations, the YouTube beauty vloggers are like “you need this” but I feel it more heavy. I use it for clubbing or some special events for which I need to be bomb. But here comes Diorskin Forever. Well, this one makes you a superstar, this one gives you that Rihanna/Beyoncé/Kim/Kylie ultra extra glamorous look. High coverage, extra glow but still somehow keeps it natural. Keep in mind that it’s not for people with normal to oily skin because it does not have a matte finish.


Yes, yes, yes, jadore Dior, adore Dior, onlyyy love for this brand. For the first time I just don’t want to try any other foundations. Friends of mine are asking me for a good foundation and I’m like “Dior! Worth every cent” and then they are just like “thank you!”. So, if you struggle with foundations, just try Diorskin but before buying it consult with the assistants!

P.S. First place on my list – Diorskin airflash. I need to try this but sadly I cannot find it anywhere in my country.


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